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I'm Scott 🤘🏻

Head of Ecosystems

I’ve gone down about every entrepreneurial rabbit hole, tried every pyramid scheme imaginable, owned multiple businesses, and learned TONS of lessons along the way. Ultimately, I wanted “security” for my family, so I decided to get a “job” and become a middle school PE teacher. 

It wasn’t until August of 2019 that I FINALLY discovered the secret to creating a sustainable online business. I released my first Youtube video titled “How to Grout Tile with Absolutely No Mess.”  🤔 Stick with me here…

That video ended up going viral and getting over 50 thousand views in less than a month. I had hundreds of people messaging me about other DIY tips, and offering to pay me to teach them. That’s when it hit me…IT WASN’T ABOUT SELLING, IT WAS ABOUT SOLVING PROBLEMS.

All I needed to do was solve people’s problems…
So that’s what I decided to do…I quit my teaching job, went all in on providing value and selling NOTHING. Within three months, I had gained my first 5 clients and was making 3x more than I made as a teacher. 

Fast forward a year, using the Get Noticed. Get Clients. system, we have been able to consistently surpass 15k per month in client work. 

Moral of the story: this stuff works. I promise. 💪🏻

and I'm Julian 👋🏻

Head of Traffic

My passions intersect between building things people care about and telling the awesome stories around them.
This led me to entrepreneurship (and marketing) and by the time I was 18, I dove in head-first and started my first company. 🏊🏻‍♂️
What I thought was going to be a “short thing” before Uni turned into a decade-and-a-half long entrepreneurial love affair. It left me obsessed with building, testing, and executing on companies, charities, eCommerce, communities – or anywhere else I felt a problem existed.
There’s just something about the blank canvas and adventure that comes from creating real value – and from putting it out into the world.
I’ve watched the internet grow from a weird corner of the world to something that dominates our day-to-day. I tested and explored almost every way you can think of to market and build companies. I’ve had some wild successes, I’ve had some humbling failures. But, I wouldn’t go back to a desk job if you paid me 7 figuresThere’s just too much opportunity these days.
My goal is to take what I’ve learned as a successful entrepreneur with time and location freedom and help others who want to dive into entrepreneurship and get noticed.

I’m super passionate about helping humans grow their businesses and improve their lives. Hope to see you on the inside. ✌🏻

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